WC2024 Posters

4 thoughts on “WC2024 Posters

  1. 1 = I like this – retro
    2 = No, Pink blobs are not as easy to see the definition of riders
    3 = Maybe too many colours. Don’t like the green
    4 = Don’t like the pink track with pink blobs
    5 = Insipid – just wrong!
    6 = Like the colours, all defined
    7 = Too blue. I like the white lettering but appreciate it probably won’t transfer well to white t-shirts if that is what we are doing. 
    8 = Better than 7 but don’t really like the red/pink lettering
    9 = Blue blobs don’t work
    10 = Yes like this. 
    11 = Needs an outer edge
    12  = better than 11

    Generally, I don’t like the red/pink lettering and blobs. Best colour options are Yellow/brown/orange or yellow/orange/blue i.e. 1, 6, 9 or 10. Although I think the lines make it look like a track/velodrome that we don’t have, I think you do need some definition in the swoosh to distinguish the vehicles.

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