Barney Harle

Volunteer Race Manager @ Race director

Rides: Raptobike lowracer (for racing), Frankenfurter’s Bunkbed – a ahome built vertical laid back tandem (for teaching visually impaired riders),  home build wooden front wheel drive lowracer (for experimental purposes) and various uprights for commuting in traffic

History: I’ve been riding recumbents since I was given a recumbent tandem in 1997 and have graduated through various models until I got the first Raptobike import to the UK in 2008 and I still find this bike incredible to ride with perfect handling.

I’ve raced with the BHPC for 11 years and competed in the worlds in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

For most of the weekend of the event you should find me somewhere around the start finish line area co-ordinating race activities, attempting to keep things to time and making sure everyone is safe and happy.