Andrew Sidwell

@ Web design

Age: 62

Rides: Challenge Furai for commuting and training; Burrows Ratracer Cadillac for racing

History: I’ve been riding recumbents and racing with BHPC since 2000. Over the next 10 years I gradually climbed the greasy pole of the BHPC Championship by the simple expedient of spending more and more time and more and more money on the bike. In 2011 I persuaded Mike Burrows to part with his most recent cast-off Ratracer and ever since have been in the top two riders in Part-Faired Class. I am currently on the committee of BHPC as Webmaster and also Head Time Lord, responsible for the club’s electronic timing system. WC2018 is the first time the timing system will be used outside a normal BHPC race which I very much hope will not be an ‘interesting’ experience for any of us.

There was an old man from Preston
Who all through the year kept his vest on
He raced on his bike
An even older man, Mike,
But always would win, without question